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The possible linear polypeptides that consist of 20 kinds of amino acids and having molecular weights smaller than 1000 were computationally calculated and stored in the Pep1000 database.

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Output Example

This is a part of results in "txth" format.



Search Test

# db-name molecular-formula dbe formula-weight id description
Pep1000 C20H28N4O7S2 0.0 500.1399412789 E1C2F1
Pep1000 C18H24N6O11  0.0 500.1503056553 D3H1
Pep1000 C20H28N4O9S1 0.0 500.1576995235 S1E1C1Y1, T1D1C1Y1
Pep1000 C21H32N4O6S2 0.0 500.1763267842 G1M2Y1, [L|I]1C2Y1, T1C1M1F1
Pep1000 C18H28N8O7S1 0.0 500.1801663085 G3A1C1H1, G2Q1C1H1, G1A1N1C1H1, N1Q1C1H1
Pep1000 C19H28N6O10  0.0 500.1866911606 S1E2H1, T1D1E1H1
Pep1000 C24H28N4O8   0.0 500.1907139012 G1D1F1Y1
Pep1000 C21H32N4O8S1 0.0 500.1940850288 S1T1M1Y1
Pep1000 C18H28N8O9   0.0 500.1979245531 G3S2H1, G1S2N1H1
db-name Pep1000
dbe 0 (not caclulated)
id blank

In the description field, amino acid compositions are described with one letter code and their numbers. As the leucine and isoleucine has the same molecular weight, they are described as [L|I].

In the case that the same molecular formula are given by more than two amino acid compositions, they are enumerated in the 'description' column separating by comma.



Search Limit: 100

The maximum record number that returns for a single query is 100 as default. The number can be set to a smaller one by setting the "limit" parameter.

When the number of search results exceeds the maximum number, the value of "is-limited" will be set to "true". It means that not all of the search results were written in the returned text, so please be careful to discuss about the results.

The "is-limited" value is written in the returned text when the "output" parameter has been set to "txth" or "xml".




Updating Schedule

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