About the Database

The LMSD Structure-data file was kindly provided by LIPID MAPS. The compound data in the file was entered into the MFSearcher database.

The accurate molecular weight was re-calculated during the data loading into MFSearcher. Please be careful the mass values could be different from the original data.

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LIPID MAPSが提供している登録化合物のデータ(LMSD Structure-data)をダウンロードし、MFSearcherに搭載しています。



Output Example

Here is a part of results when "txth" is selected for the "output" parameter.



Search Test

# db-name molecular-formula dbe formula-weight id description
LipidMAPS C25H37O8Cl 0.0 500.2176962587 LMFA03120043 punaglandin 6
LipidMAPS C33H56O3   0.0 500.4229456533 LMST03020531 1alpha,25-dihydroxy-26,27...
LipidMAPS C33H56O3   0.0 500.4229456533 LMST03020532 1alpha,25-dihydroxy-26,26...
LipidMAPS C33H56O3   0.0 500.4229456533 LMST03020533 26,27-diethyl-1alpha,25-di...
LipidMAPS C24H40O8NP 0.0 501.2491552618 LMGP01011254 PC(8:2(2E,4E)/8:2(2E,4E))
LipidMAPS C25H44O7NP 0.0 501.2855407671 LMGP02050009 PE(20:4(5Z,8Z,11Z,14Z)/0:0)
db-name LipidMAPS
dbe 0 (not caclulated)
id LipdMAPS ID

Search Limit: 100

The maximum record number that returns for a single query is 100 as default. The number can be set to a smaller one by setting the "limit" parameter.

When the number of search results exceeds the maximum number, the value of "is-limited" will be set to "true". It means that not all of the search results were written in the returned text, so please be careful to discuss about the results.

The "is-limited" value is written in the returned text when the "output" parameter has been set to "txth" or "xml".




Updating Schedule

Not planned.




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