About the Database

The data of KEGG COMPOUND is available. The charged compounds are not registered to the MFSearcher database.

The accurate molecular weights were re-calculated for the registration. Be careful that the mass values could be different from the original data in KEGG.

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KEGG COMPOUNDのデータを搭載しています。電気的に中性でないものは除外されています。



Output Example

Here is a part of results when "txth" is selected for the "output" parameter.



Search Test

# db-name molecular-formula dbe formula-weight id description
KEGG C23H24O9N4  0.0 500.1543283959 C00927 Isonocardicin A;1-Azetidineacetic...
KEGG C23H24O9N4  0.0 500.1543283959 C01941 Nocardicin A
KEGG C23H24O9N4  0.0 500.1543283959 C17350 Nocardicin B
KEGG C25H28O7N2S 0.0 500.1617222641 C01316 (S)-N-[3-(3,4-Methylenedioxyphenyl...
KEGG C27H24O6N4  0.0 500.169584529  C11374 GW1843;1843U89
KEGG C26H44O9    0.0 500.2985330043 C11758 Mupirocin
KEGG C30H44O6    0.0 500.3137891374 C08807 11-Deoxocucurbitacin I
KEGG C28H44O4N4  0.0 500.3362559224 C09993 Adouetine X
db-name KEGG
dbe 0 (not caclulated)
id KEGG compound ID

Search Limit: 100

The maximum record number that returns for a single query is 100 as default. The number can be set to a smaller one by setting the "limit" parameter.

When the number of search results exceeds the maximum number, the value of "is-limited" will be set to "true". It means that not all of the search results were written in the returned text, so please be careful to discuss about the results.

The "is-limited" value is written in the returned text when the "output" parameter has been set to "txth" or "xml".




Updating Schedule

The KEGG data on the MFSearcher is updating Every Monday.




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