About the Database

Flavonoid Viewer is one of the largest database of known flavonoids. The database is now maintained at the Metabolomics.jp web site.

The data from the original Flavonoid Viewer (6850 entries) were registered to MFSearcher. The accurate molecular weights were re-calculated for the registration. Be careful that the mass values could be different from the original data.

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Flavonoid Viewerは、既知のフラボノイドを構造に従って分類した、フラボノイドの最大のデータベースシステムです。現在は、Metabolomics.jpのサイトでメンテナンスが行われています。

MFSearcherにおけるFlavonoid Viewer検索では、初期に登録された6850個の既知フラボノイドのデータが使われています。



Output Example

This is a part of results in "txth" format.



Search Test

# db-name molecular-formula dbe formula-weight id description
FlavView C25H24O11 0.0 500.13186 FL3FAAGS0056 Apigenin 7-(6''-crotonylglucoside)
FlavView C25H24O11 0.0 500.13186 FL63BINS0001 Epigallocatechin 5,3',5'-trimethyl ether 3-O-gallate
FlavView C25H24O11 0.0 500.13186 FLIA1ACS0003 Puerarin 4',6''-diacetate
FlavView C29H24O8  0.0 500.14711 FL4DAANC0003 Gericudranin D
FlavView C26H28O10 0.0 500.16824 FL5FAAGI0002 Ikarisoside A
FlavView C30H28O7  0.0 500.1835  FL3FRNNP0007 Artonol C;9,12-Dihydro-6,10,15-trihydroxy-3,3,12,12-tetramethyl-9-(1-methylethenyl)-3H,7H,8H-[1]benzopyrano[7,6-c]pyrano[3,2-h]xanthen-7-one
db-name flavonoidviewer
dbe 0 (not caclulated)
id ID of the original site

Search Limit: 100

The maximum record number that returns for a single query is 100 as default. The number can be set to a smaller one by setting the "limit" parameter.

When the number of search results exceeds the maximum number, the value of "is-limited" will be set to "true". It means that not all of the search results were written in the returned text, so please be careful to discuss about the results.

The "is-limited" value is written in the returned text when the "output" parameter has been set to "txth" or "xml".




Updating Schedule

Not planned.



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