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Here is an integrated database for co-expressed genes and biological processes in plants. Information on biological processes is based on the biological process aspect of Gene Ontology. The omics data in this database were obtained from the TAIR database. Co-expression analyses in this database were executed using the Confeito algorithm, an approach based on co-expression network analysis.

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News for this version

The renewal version has been released at June 1st, 2009. It includes co-expression analyses in 5257, 3654, and 1388 assays of Arabidopsis, 95 assays of poplar (Poplus trichocarpa), and 2994 assays of soy bean (Glycine max) DNA microarray datasets. For Arabidopsis co-expression analysis, an approach using experiments in which genes are specifically expressed has been added. This database will be reinforced every month or 2 months. Don't miss a renewal version!

Announcement of the next or later version

A co-expression analysis in the different design of poplar microarray data and a mode to search specifically-expressed genes using a keyword for experiments will be added.

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Retrieval form

1. Input a query word

For example

2. Select a plant organism

all: all experiments are used for calculation of gene-to-gene correlation.
spec.: experiments in which genes are specifically expressed are used for the calculation.

3. Select an information type

4. Select an additional option

When Biological process is selected in Step III, select Evidence Code Categories.

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