Microarray experiments to specifically-expressed genes

Assay name E-MEXP-791-raw-cel-1122937542
GSE experiment -

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Std2 GX %ile Std GX Gene ID Repr. ID Gene name Functional description O.I. C.G. H.G. Other DB
12.499.330.4At1g70090843345LGT8 (GLUCOSYL TRANSFERASE FAMILY 8)Encodes a protein with putative galacturonosyltransferase activity.O.I.C.G.H.G.
9.799.19.3At5g45630834603unknown proteinF:molecular_function unknown;P:biological_process unknown;C:cellular_component unknown;PO.I.C.G.H.G.
9.699.1131.0At1g70890843427MLP43 (MLP-LIKE PROTEIN 43)F:molecular_function unknown;P:response to biotic stimulus, defense response;C:chloroplast;PO.I.C.G.H.G.
8.799.027.1At3g20590821606non-race specific disease resistance protein, putativeF:molecular_function unknown;P:biological_process unknown;C:cellular_component unknown;PO.I.C.G.H.G.
8.699.0330.7At1g79850844324RPS17 (RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN S17)nuclear-encoded 30S chloroplast ribosomal protein S17O.I.C.G.H.G.
8.159.2At2g03750814902sulfotransferase family proteinF:sulfotransferase activity;P:biological_process unknown;C:endomembrane system;MPOBFO.I.C.G.H.G.
5.6280.7At2g20890816623PSB29Chloroplast-localized Thylakoid formation1 gene product involved in vesicle-mediated formation of thylakoid membranes. Thf1 antisense lines contain abnormal chloroplasts early in leaf development (chloroplasts have loosely stacked thylakoid membranes). Expression was induced in the light and decreased under dark conditions. G-alpha interaction partner that functions downstream of the plasma membrane–delimited heterotrimeric G-protein (GPA1) in a D-glucose signaling pathway. Localized to both the outer plastid membrane and the stroma. Probably involved in the metabolic pathway that controls the assembly of the PS II complex.O.I.C.G.H.G.
5.651.3At3g55040824670GSTL2F:unknown;P:unknown;C:chloroplast, chloroplast stroma;PBMOFO.I.C.G.H.G.
5.3243.7At3g63410825516APG1 (ALBINO OR PALE GREEN MUTANT 1)Encodes a MPBQ/MSBQ methyltransferase located in the chloroplast inner envelope membrane. Mutant plants lack plastoquinone (PQ), suggesting that the APG1 protein is involved in the methylation step of PQ biosynthesis. The gene product is also involved in tocopherol (vitamin E) biosynthesis.O.I.C.G.H.G.
4.8263.9At2g3722081829929 kDa ribonucleoprotein, chloroplast, putative / RNA-binding protein cp29, putativeEncodes a chloroplast RNA binding protein. A substrate of the type III effector HopU1 (mono-ADP-ribosyltransferase). Protein is tyrosine-phosphorylated and its phosphorylation state is modulated in response to ABA in Arabidopsis thaliana seeds.O.I.C.G.H.G.

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