At5g13570: DCP2 (DECAPPING 2)

Encodes DCP2 with mRNA decapping activity. DCP2 forms a mRNA decapping complex with DCP1 (At1g08370) and VCS (VARICOSE) (At3g13300). Recombinant DCP2 is enzymatically active in vitro, generating from capped mRNAs m7GDP, and 5���-phosphorylated mRNAs. DCP1, DCP2 and VCS colocalize in cytoplasmic loci, which are putative Arabidopsis mRNA processing bodies. Null mutants of DCP1, DCP2, and VCS accumulate capped mRNAs with a reduced degradation rate. These mutants also share a similar lethal phenotype at the seedling cotyledon stage, with disorganized veins, swollen root hairs, and altered epidermal cell morphology. The protein was shown by immunoprecipitation not to interact with DCP1.