At3g07610: IBM1 (increase in bonsai methylation 1)

IBM1 likely encodes a protein with histone H3mK9 demethylation activity. It may preferentially demethylate H3mK9 at low-copy loci to protect them from silencing by nearby heterochromatin by preventing the spread of cytosine methylation. BONSAI (At1g73177) is hypermethylated in ibm1 mutants. ibm1 mutants have morphological defects that become apparent at the F3 generation, including small narrow leaves, arrested flower development, and faulty pollen development. These phenotypes cannot result solely from the BONSAI hypermethylation. Aberrant phenotypes in ibm1 mutants in both DNA methylation and plant development can be suppressed by mutations in the KYP H3K9 methyltransferase or he CMT3 non CG-cytosine methylase.