Encodes an atypical subtype of the ARR (Arabidopsis response regulator) protein family. ARR22 is more similar to the receiver domains of hybrid kinases than other response regulators. It acts as a phosphohistidine phosphatase when tested with phospho-AHP5 in vitro suggesting that it might be involved in a two-component phosphorelay. Expression of ARR22 transcripts appears to be localized to the chalaza and to be induced by wounding. Ectopic expression of ARR in other parts of the plant leads to reduced cytokinin-related responses and impaired root, shoot, and flower development. Overexpression of wild-type ARR22 in an arr22 mutant background causes variable defects in plant growth and fertility. But, in the same ar22 background, over-expression of versions of ARR22 that should act as dominant-negative or constitutively active proteins, based on mutations to the conserved Asp residue, do not show any phenotypic abnormalities, raising the possibility that these may not act as canonical response regulators.