At1g27650: ATU2AF35A

U2 auxiliary factor small subunit. The atU2AF35a protein and its homolog, atU2AF35b, contain most of the conserved domains of hsU2AF35, including the psiRRM, one RS domain, two zinc fingers, and the two regions for interacting with U2AF large subunit. Both proteins lack the stretch of glycines present in human U2AF35. The sequences are overall 83% identical, and each Arabidopsis homolog shows approximately 70% similarity to hsU2AF35. U2AF(35) homologs were also identified from maize, rice and other plants with large-scale EST projects. Both genes are expressed in all major tissues, with atU2AF(35)a expressed at a higher level than atU2AF(35)b in most tissues. The expression patterns were different in roots: atU2AF(35)b expressed strongly in whole young roots and root tips and atU2AF(35)a limited to root vascular regions.