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Query process ID GO:0006817
Process name The directed movement of phosphate into, out of, within or between cells.
Organism Arabidopsis thaliana

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ECC Gene ID Repr. ID Gene name Functional description O.I. H.G. Other DB
XAt1g68740843205EXS family protein / ERD1/XPR1/SYG1 family proteinEncodes PHO1;H1, a member of the PHO1 family. Involved in inorganic phosphate (Pi) transport and homeostasis. Complements pho1 mutation.O.I.H.G.
XAt2g33770817943PHO2 (PHOSPHATE 2)Encodes a ubiquitin-conjugating E2 enzyme. UBC24 mRNA accumulation is suppressed by miR399f, miR399b and miR399c. Involved in phosphate starvation response.O.I.H.G.
XAt3g23430821924PHO1 (phosphate 1)mutant is deficient in the transfer of phosphate from root epidermal and cortical cells to the xylem. encodes protein with the mainly hydrophilic N-terminal and the C-terminal containing 6 potential membrane-spanning domains.O.I.H.G.
XAt3g26570822265PHT2low affinity phosphate transporterO.I.H.G.
XAt3g52190824384PHF1 (PHOSPHATE TRANSPORTER TRAFFIC FACILITATOR1)Encodes a plant specific protein structurally related to the SEC12 proteins of the early secretory pathway. Mutation of PHF1 impairs Pi transport. Expression was detected in all tissues, and was induced by Pi starvation. Localized in endoplasmic reticulum (ER), and mutation of PHF1 resulted in ER retention and reduced accumulation of the plasma membrane PHT1;1 transporter.O.I.H.G.
XAt5g43350834353PHT1Encodes an inorganic phosphate transporter. Mutants display enhanced arsenic accumulation.O.I.H.G.
SAt5g43370834355APT1 (ARABIDOPSIS PHOSPHATE TRANSPORTER 1)phosphate transporterO.I.H.G.
CAt4g08878826464inorganic phosphate transporter, putativeF:inorganic phosphate transmembrane transporter activity;P:phosphate transport;C:cellular_component unknown;BFMOPAO.I.H.G.
LAt1g67940843122ATNAP3member of NAP subfamilyO.I.H.G.
LAt2g32830817844PHT5phosphate transporterO.I.H.G.
LAt2g38940818479ATPT2 (ARABIDOPSIS THALIANA PHOSPHATE TRANSPORTER 2)phosphate transporter (AtPT2)O.I.H.G.
LAt3g54700824635carbohydrate transmembrane transporter/ phosphate transmembrane transporter/ sugar:hydrogen symporterF:phosphate transmembrane transporter activity, carbohydrate transmembrane transporter activity, sugar:hydrogen symporter activity;P:transport, phosphate transport;C:plasma membrane, membrane;BFMPOAO.I.H.G.
LAt5g43340834352PHT6phosphate transporterO.I.H.G.
LAt5g43360834354PHT3 (PHOSPHATE TRANSPORTER 3)phosphate transporterO.I.H.G.

The upper GO terms

Process ID Gene number Process name
GO:00156980The directed movement of inorganic anions into, out of, within or between cells. Inorganic anions are atoms or small molecules with a negative charge which do not contain carbon in covalent linkage.

The lower GO terms

Process ID Gene number Process name
GO:00070370The directed movement of phosphates into, out of or within a vacuole.

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