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Query process ID GO:0045040
Process name The import of proteins into the outer membrane of the mitochondrion. Outer membrane proteins have a short matrix-targeting sequence followed by a long stretch of hydrophobic amino acids at the N-terminus. The hydrophobic sequence functions as a stop-transfer sequence that both prevents transfer of the protein into the matrix and anchors it as an integral protein in the outer membrane.
Organism Arabidopsis thaliana

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The upper GO terms

Process ID Gene number Process name
GO:00066124The process of directing proteins towards a membrane, usually using signals contained within the protein.
GO:000662616The process of directing proteins towards and into the mitochondrion, usually mediated by mitochondrial proteins that recognize signals contained within the imported protein.
GO:00070080A process that is carried out at the cellular level which results in the assembly, arrangement of constituent parts, or disassembly of the mitochondrial outer membrane.

The lower GO terms

Process ID Gene number Process name

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