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Query gene ID At5g61720
Gene name unknown protein
Organism Arabidopsis thaliana

Co-expressed genes

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VF%ileGene/Probe IDRepr.IDGene NameFunctional DescriptionS.X.H.G.Other DB
0.7888.6At5g61720836294unknown proteinF:molecular_function unknown;P:biological_process unknown;C:endomembrane system;PMS.X.H.G.
0.9597.0At1g02790839391PGA4 (POLYGALACTURONASE 4)encodes a exopolygalacturonase.S.X.H.G.
0.9396.4At1g61563842451RALFL8 (ralf-like 8)Member of a diversely expressed predicted peptide family showing sequence similarity to tobacco Rapid Alkalinization Factor (RALF), and is believed to play an essential role in the physiology of Arabidopsis. Consists of a single exon and is characterized by a conserved C-terminal motif and N-terminal signal peptide.S.X.H.G.
0.9396.4At3g57690824938AGP23 (ARABINOGALACTAN-PROTEIN 23)Encodes a putative arabinogalactan-protein (AGP23).S.X.H.G.
0.9396.4At3g62170825390VGDH2 (Vanguard 1 homolog 2)F:enzyme inhibitor activity, pectinesterase activity;P:cell wall modification;C:endomembrane system, cell wall, plant-type cell wall;PBFMOS.X.H.G.
0.9296.0At3g20865821635AGP40 (arabinogalactan-protein 40)Encodes a putative arabinogalactan-protein (AGP40).S.X.H.G.
0.9296.0At3g01270821142pectate lyase family proteinF:lyase activity, pectate lyase activity;P:biological_process unknown;C:endomembrane system;PBFOS.X.H.G.
0.9296.0At5g14380831289AGP6 (Arabinogalactan proteins 6)Encodes an arabinogalactan protein that is expressed in pollen, pollen sac and pollen tube. Loss of AGP6 function results in decreased fertility due to defects in pollen tube growth.S.X.H.G.
0.9195.6At3g28750822507unknown proteinF:unknown;P:unknown;C:endomembrane system;POS.X.H.G.
0.9095.1At5g19580832078glyoxal oxidase-relatedF:molecular_function unknown;P:biological_process unknown;C:endomembrane system;BFPOS.X.H.G.
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Specifically expressed experiments

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Std2 GX%ileGSM IDAssay NameGSE IDExperiment Title
111.199.9GSM142739DH001_ATH1_A6-TCP2GSE6162Transcriptome analysis of Arabidopsis microgametogenesis
99.499.9GSM142736DH001_ATH1_A3-TCP1GSE6162Transcriptome analysis of Arabidopsis microgametogenesis
89.599.9GSM154504Arabidopsis desiccated mature pollen grains rep2GSE6696Transcriptome analyses show changes in gene expression to accompany pollen germination and tube growth in Arabidopsis
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Homologous genes

Paralogous genes

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HFEvBSGene IDRepr. IDGene NameFunctional descriptionC.G.S.X.Other DB
0.022e-344At3g28780822510unknown proteinF:molecular_function unknown;P:pollen exine formation;C:endomembrane system;BOMPFVAC.G.S.X.
0.021e-138At2g21960816732unknown proteinF:unknown;P:unknown;C:chloroplast;PBOC.G.S.X.
0.021e-138At1g11210837662unknown proteinF:molecular_function unknown;P:response to oxidative stress;C:endomembrane system;POC.G.S.X.
0.016e-136At3g09570820114-F:molecular_function unknown;P:biological_process unknown;C:endomembrane system, integral to membrane;MPOFBC.G.S.X.
0.036e-136At1g29270839801unknown proteinF:molecular_function unknown;P:biological_process unknown;C:endomembrane system;PC.G.S.X.
0.022e+034At5g08640830765FLS (FLAVONOL SYNTHASE)Encodes a flavonol synthase that catalyzes formation of flavonols from dihydroflavonols.C.G.S.X.
0.022e+034At5g04820830361OFP13 (ARABIDOPSIS THALIANA OVATE FAMILY PROTEIN 13)F:unknown;P:biological_process unknown;C:endomembrane system;PC.G.S.X.
0.022e+034At5g11800831053KEA6member of Putative potassium proton antiporter familyC.G.S.X.
0.012e+034At5g18520831970-F:unknown;P:unknown;C:endomembrane system, integral to membrane;MPOFBC.G.S.X.
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Orthologous genes

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HFEvBSSpeciesGene IDRepr. IDGene NameFunctional descriptionEvAGI codeArabidopsis gene nameC.G.S.X.Other DB
0.028e-136Glycine maxGmaAffx.86182.1.S1_atBG047463--2e-7At5g18520-C.G.S.X.
0.027e-238Hordeum vulgareHU12I24r_atHU12I24r--9e-1At5g42520ATBPC6C.G.S.X.
0.023e-138Oryza sativaOs05g0481000AK059369.1-Serine/threonine protein phosphatase 2B catalyticsubunit, beta isoform (EC (Calmodulin-dependentcalcineurin A subunit, beta isoform) (CAM-PRP catalyticsubunit). Splice isoform 21e-17At1g32070ATNSI (NUCLEAR SHUTTLE INTERACTING)C.G.S.X.
0.028e-136Populus trichocarpaPtpAffx.26294.1.S1_atCK094894--4e-1At1g74930ORA47C.G.S.X.
0.024e-240Triticum aestivumTaAffx.105430.1.S1_atCA734599--2e-2At5g61720unknown proteinC.G.S.X.
0.043e+032Vitis vinifera1617697_atCD714002--1e-25At4g27800protein phosphatase 2C PPH1 / PP2C PPH1 (PPH1)C.G.S.X.
0.014e+032Zea maysZm.16922.1.A1_a_atCD998944hypothetical protein LOC100192809 /// hypothetical protein LOC100193683-3e-49At1g7921020S proteasome alpha subunit B, putativeC.G.S.X.
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Biological processes

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ECCGO IDProcess Name
NGO:0008150Any process specifically pertinent to the functioning of integrated living units: cells, tissues, organs, and organisms. A process is a collection of molecular events with a defined beginning and end.
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Metabolic pathways

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