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Query gene ID At5g44710
Gene name -
Organism Arabidopsis thaliana

Co-expressed genes

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VF%ileGene/Probe IDRepr.IDGene NameFunctional DescriptionS.X.H.G.Other DB
0.5570.6At5g44710834500-F:molecular_function unknown;P:biological_process unknown;C:cellular_component unknown;FPMOS.X.H.G.
0.4761.2At1g14620838024DECOY (DECOY)F:molecular_function unknown;P:biological_process unknown;C:cellular_component unknown;FMPOBS.X.H.G.
0.3846.7At5g56940835796ribosomal protein S16 family proteinF:structural constituent of ribosome;P:translation, ribosome biogenesis;C:ribosome, intracellular;BOPMFS.X.H.G.
0.3338.1At1g07830837298ribosomal protein L29 family proteinF:structural constituent of ribosome;P:translation;C:mitochondrion, ribosome, mitochondrial ribosome, intracellular;MFOPS.X.H.G.
0.3338.1At5g09770830837ribosomal protein L17 family proteinF:structural constituent of ribosome;P:translation;C:ribosome, intracellular;BOFMPS.X.H.G.
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Specifically expressed experiments

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Std2 GX%ileGSM IDAssay NameGSE IDExperiment Title
33.799.7GSM253652Ler 2GSE10039Low_Mo_Arabidopsis_mapping_MOT1
28.999.7GSM253650Ler 3GSE10039Low_Mo_Arabidopsis_mapping_MOT1
21.699.6GSM252669Regenerating Stump of Root Tip Cut at 130 mm first and then Recut after 0 hrs Taking 70 mm of Stump (4dpg) rep3GSE9996Organ regeneration in plants is independent of stem cell niche activity
17.499.5GSM205364met1-3_leaf_second-selfed generation_rep01GSE8279Transgenerational Stability of the Arabidopsis Epigenome Is Coordinated by CG Methylation
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Homologous genes

Paralogous genes

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HFEvBSGene IDRepr. IDGene NameFunctional descriptionC.G.S.X.Other DB
0.021e-136At4g13930827027SHM4 (serine hydroxymethyltransferase 4)Encodes a serine hydroxymethyltransferase maximally expressed in rootC.G.S.X.
0.011e-136At3g48770824038ATP binding / DNA bindingF:DNA binding, ATP binding;P:biological_process unknown;C:chloroplast;PMBOFAC.G.S.X.
0.016e-134At5g11490831021adaptin family proteinF:protein transporter activity, protein binding, binding;P:intracellular protein transport, vesicle-mediated transport, protein transport;C:membrane coat, clathrin adaptor complex;MFOPC.G.S.X.
0.026e-134At4g26440828750WRKY34 (WRKY DNA-BINDING PROTEIN 34)member of WRKY Transcription Factor; Group IC.G.S.X.
0.016e-134At1g72300843562leucine-rich repeat transmembrane protein kinase, putativeEncodes a leucine-rich repeat receptor kinase (LRR-RK) involved in the perception of PSY1. PSY1 is an 18-aa tyrosine-sulfated glycopeptide encoded by AT5G58650 that promotes cellular proliferation and expansion.C.G.S.X.
0.022e+032At5g35735833550auxin-responsive family proteinF:unknown;P:unknown;C:plasma membrane, membrane;PMFOBC.G.S.X.
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Orthologous genes

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HFEvBSSpeciesGene IDRepr. IDGene NameFunctional descriptionEvAGI codeArabidopsis gene nameC.G.S.X.Other DB
0.179e-444Glycine maxGma.9994.2.S1_a_atCD402259--7e-4At5g44710-C.G.S.X.
0.054e+030Hordeum vulgareContig1519_s_atContig1519--3e-2At4g19100unknown proteinC.G.S.X.
0.055e+032Oryza sativaOsAffx.15918.1.S1_at---0C.G.S.X.
0.078e-134Populus trichocarpaPtpAffx.207563.1.S1_atpmrna15013hypothetical protein-4e-1At5g44710-C.G.S.X.
0.062e+032Triticum aestivumTaAffx.83746.1.S1_atCA652379--2e+0At5g44710-C.G.S.X.
0.047e-132Vitis vinifera1617745_atCF372303hypothetical protein LOC100256638-5e+0At5g44710-C.G.S.X.
0.054e+030Zea maysZmAffx.715.1.S1_atAI739762--2e-1At1g04670unknown proteinC.G.S.X.
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Biological processes

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ECCGO IDProcess Name
NGO:0008150Any process specifically pertinent to the functioning of integrated living units: cells, tissues, organs, and organisms. A process is a collection of molecular events with a defined beginning and end.
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Metabolic pathways

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