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Query gene ID At5g43980
Organism Arabidopsis thaliana

Co-expressed genes

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VF%ileGene/Probe IDRepr.IDGene NameFunctional DescriptionS.X.H.G.Other DB
0.2522.6At5g43980834421PDLP1 (PLASMODESMATA-LOCATED PROTEIN 1)Encodes a plasmodesmal protein that affects the intercellular movement of molecules through the plasmodesmata. The cytoplasmic C-terminal portion of the protein is connected to the apoplastic N-terminal portion of the protein by a single transmembrane domain (TMD). It is transported to the plasmodesmata through the secretory pathway. PDLP1 has two DUF26 domains and a signal peptide, but the proper localization of the protein appears to depend on the TMD.S.X.H.G.
0.8994.6At2g01610814690invertase/pectin methylesterase inhibitor family proteinF:enzyme inhibitor activity, pectinesterase inhibitor activity, pectinesterase activity;P:biological_process unknown;C:endomembrane system;PS.X.H.G.
0.8994.6At3g27400822361pectate lyase family proteinF:pectate lyase activity;P:biological_process unknown;C:endomembrane system;BPFOS.X.H.G.
0.8693.1At1g71380843479ATCEL3 (ARABIDOPSIS THALIANA CELLULASE 3)F:hydrolase activity, hydrolyzing O-glycosyl compounds, catalytic activity;P:carbohydrate metabolic process;C:cell wall, plasma membrane, plant-type cell wall;PBMOFS.X.H.G.
0.5065.3At2g20800816609NDB4 (NAD(P)H dehydrogenase B4)F:NADH dehydrogenase activity;P:unknown;C:extrinsic to mitochondrial inner membrane, mitochondrion, plastid;BOFPAMS.X.H.G.
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Specifically expressed experiments

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Std2 GX%ileGSM IDAssay NameGSE IDExperiment Title
199.2100.0GSM133947Murray_2-3_T4-APH_Rep1_ATH1GSE5747Genome-wide cell cycle studies
155.199.9GSM133948Murray_2-4_T6-APH_Rep1_ATH1GSE5747Genome-wide cell cycle studies
151.399.9GSM133950Murray_2-6_T10-APH_Rep1_ATH1GSE5747Genome-wide cell cycle studies
132.199.9GSM134206Murray_3-3_D5-GROWTH_Rep1_ATH1GSE5750Growth of suspension-cultured cells
124.199.9GSM133945Murray_2-1_T0-APH_Rep1_ATH1GSE5747Genome-wide cell cycle studies
118.599.9GSM133949Murray_2-5_T8-APH_Rep1_ATH1GSE5747Genome-wide cell cycle studies
109.999.9GSM134202Murray_3-1_D1-GROWTH_Rep1_ATH1GSE5750Growth of suspension-cultured cells
103.899.9GSM134208Murray_3-4_D7-GROWTH_Rep1_ATH1GSE5750Growth of suspension-cultured cells
101.799.9GSM133952Murray_2-8_T14-APH_Rep1_ATH1GSE5747Genome-wide cell cycle studies
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Homologous genes

Paralogous genes

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HFEvBSGene IDRepr. IDGene NameFunctional descriptionC.G.S.X.Other DB
0.038e-652At3g50870824251MNP (MONOPOLE)mutant has Embryo defect; GATA Factor Transcriptional RegulatorC.G.S.X.
0.025e-446At3g24550822051ATPERK1 (PROLINE EXTENSIN-LIKE RECEPTOR KINASE 1)encodes an ortholog of Brassica napus proline extensin-like receptor kinase. Expression of the brassica gene is induced by wounding and fungal infection.C.G.S.X.
0.037e-342At5g52440835320HCF106HCF106; nuclear gene for chloroplast. Thylakoid membrane delta pH translocation pathway component protein; related to Escherichia coli TatA and TatBC.G.S.X.
0.027e-342At4g16100827296unknown proteinF:molecular_function unknown;P:biological_process unknown;C:cellular_component unknown;POC.G.S.X.
0.027e-342At3g19540821490unknown proteinF:molecular_function unknown;P:biological_process unknown;C:plasma membrane;PMFVBOC.G.S.X.
0.027e-342At1g30100839889NCED5 (NINE-CIS-EPOXYCAROTENOID DIOXYGENASE 5)Encodes 9-cis-epoxycarotenoid dioxygenase, a key enzyme in the biosynthesis of abscisic acid. The expression of this gene increases during the first 6h of imbibition.C.G.S.X.
0.017e-342At1g61080842400proline-rich family proteinF:molecular_function unknown;P:biological_process unknown;C:chloroplast;MBOFPVAC.G.S.X.
0.033e-240At5g10380830902RING1Encodes a RING finger domain protein with E3 ligase activity that is localized to the lipid rafts of the plasma membrane. Expression is increased in response to fungal pathogen. May be involved in regulation of programmed cell death by facilitating degredation of regulation of PDC activators.C.G.S.X.
0.013e-240At5g11700831042glycine-rich proteinF:unknown;P:unknown;C:vacuole;BMOPFVAC.G.S.X.
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Orthologous genes

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HFEvBSSpeciesGene IDRepr. IDGene NameFunctional descriptionEvAGI codeArabidopsis gene nameC.G.S.X.Other DB
0.031e-242Glycine maxGma.16928.1.S1_atAW203450--1e-3At1g30475-C.G.S.X.
0.031e-240Hordeum vulgareContig15910_atContig15910--3e-4At1g02710glycine-rich proteinC.G.S.X.
0.036e-240Oryza sativaOsAffx.27742.1.S1_at---0C.G.S.X.
0.044e-240Populus trichocarpaPtpAffx.200482.1.S1_atpmrna972hypothetical protein-5e-2At1g02405proline-rich family proteinC.G.S.X.
0.032e+034Triticum aestivumTaAffx.113217.1.S1_atCA617215--2e+0At5g52940unknown proteinC.G.S.X.
0.033e-238Vitis vinifera1619399_s_atCB914618--1e-1At2g30560glycine-rich proteinC.G.S.X.
0.023e+032Zea maysZmAffx.513.1.A1_atAI692067--1e+1At4g05260ubiquitin family proteinC.G.S.X.
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Biological processes

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ECCGO IDProcess Name
XGO:0010497The movement of substances between cells via plasmodesmata. Plasmodesmata is a fine cytoplasmic channel, found in all higher plants, that connects the cytoplasm of one cell to that of an adjacent cell.
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Metabolic pathways

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