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Query gene ID At4g28050
Organism Arabidopsis thaliana

Co-expressed genes

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VF%ileGene/Probe IDRepr.IDGene NameFunctional DescriptionS.X.H.G.Other DB
0.4659.8At4g28050828920TET7 (TETRASPANIN7)Member of TETRASPANIN familyS.X.H.G.
0.6781.6At5g10480830912PAS2 (PASTICCINO 2)Protein tyrosine phosphatase-like involved in cell division and differentiation. Interacts with CDKA;1 only in its phosphorylated form, preventing dephosphorylation. Overexpression slowed down cell division in suspension cell cultures at the G2-to-M transition and early mitosis and inhibited Arabidopsis seedling growth. Localized in the cytoplasm of dividing cells but moved into the nucleus upon cell differentiation. Based on complementation of yeast mutant PAS2 has acyl-CoA dehydratase activity. It interacts with CER10, a component of the microsomal fatty acid elongase complex, suggesting a role in synthesis of VLCFAs (very long chain fatty acids).S.X.H.G.
0.4050.8At3g55360824702CER10Enoyl-CoA reductase is involved in all very long chain fatty acids (VLCFA) elongation reactions that are required for cuticular wax, storage lipid and sphingolipid metabolism. The protein is located in the ER, but in contrast to its yeast homolog TSC13 is not particularly enriched in the nuclear envelope-vacuole junction. Mutants in this gene show abnormal organ morphology and stem glossiness. Cells in all tissues are only about 1/3 of the size of wild type cells. The morphological changes are most likely to result from the reduction in the VLCFA content of sphingolipids. Mutants also show abnormalities in the endocytic membrane organization and transport.S.X.H.G.
0.3338.1At1g04820839405TUA4Encodes an alpha tubulin isoform that is expressed in roots, leaves and flowers.S.X.H.G.
0.3338.1At2g14890815978AGP9 (ARABINOGALACTAN PROTEIN 9)putative proline-rich protein (At2g14890) mRNA, completeS.X.H.G.
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Specifically expressed experiments

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Std2 GX%ileGSM IDAssay NameGSE IDExperiment Title
21.199.6GSM134515Col-0_4day_dark_+lincomycin_rep1GSE5759red illumination w/o lincomycin
20.399.6GSM134514Col-0_4day_dark_-lincomycin_rep2GSE5759red illumination w/o lincomycin
19.799.6GSM134518Col-0_4day_red illumination_-lincomycin_rep2GSE5759red illumination w/o lincomycin
18.999.5GSM134517Col-0_4day_red illumination_-lincomycin_rep1GSE5759red illumination w/o lincomycin
18.199.5GSM134516Col-0_4day_dark_+lincomycin_rep2GSE5759red illumination w/o lincomycin
15.299.4GSM242957Mock day 3 (day3E1)GSE9605Target genes of AGAMOUS during early flower development in Arabidopsis
14.099.4GSM134519Col-0_4day_red illumination_+lincomycin_rep1GSE5759red illumination w/o lincomycin
13.999.4GSM134513Col-0_4day_dark_-lincomycin_rep1GSE5759red illumination w/o lincomycin
13.899.4GSM133979Birnbaum_1-9_StageII-2_Rep2_ATH1GSE5749A gene expression map of the Arabidopsis root
13.799.4GSM134520Col-0_4day_red illumination _+lincomycin_rep2GSE5759red illumination w/o lincomycin
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Homologous genes

Paralogous genes

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HFEvBSGene IDRepr. IDGene NameFunctional descriptionC.G.S.X.Other DB
0.173e-1169At2g23810816913TET8 (TETRASPANIN8)Member of TETRASPANIN familyC.G.S.X.
0.102e-344At4g30430829166TET9 (TETRASPANIN9)Member of TETRASPANIN familyC.G.S.X.
0.014e-136At5g58960836013GIL1 (GRAVITROPIC IN THE LIGHT)Mutant plants display impaired light-regulation of the hypocotyl randomization response.C.G.S.X.
0.014e-136At4g11550826759DC1 domain-containing proteinF:protein binding, zinc ion binding;P:intracellular signaling cascade;C:cellular_component unknown;PMOC.G.S.X.
0.044e-136At3g45600823702TET3 (TETRASPANIN3)Member of TETRASPANIN familyC.G.S.X.
0.024e-136At1g13410837901-F:molecular_function unknown;P:biological_process unknown;C:cellular_component unknown;POFMC.G.S.X.
0.024e-136At1g54780841919thylakoid lumen 18.3 kDa proteinF:molecular_function unknown;P:biological_process unknown;C:thylakoid, thylakoid lumen, chloroplast thylakoid membrane, chloroplast thylakoid lumen, chloroplast;BPOMC.G.S.X.
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Orthologous genes

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HFEvBSSpeciesGene IDRepr. IDGene NameFunctional descriptionEvAGI codeArabidopsis gene nameC.G.S.X.Other DB
0.146e-1065Glycine maxGma.2590.7.S1_atCA783976--7e-10At4g28050TET7 (TETRASPANIN7)C.G.S.X.
0.151e-550Hordeum vulgareContig3054_atContig3054--3e-5At4g28050TET7 (TETRASPANIN7)C.G.S.X.
0.173e-963Oryza sativaOs06g06531009634.m04290-Senescence-associated protein 52e-9At4g28050TET7 (TETRASPANIN7)C.G.S.X.
0.156e-446Populus trichocarpaPtpAffx.11517.1.S1_atCV274782hypothetical protein-6e-4At4g28050TET7 (TETRASPANIN7)C.G.S.X.
0.127e-1271Triticum aestivumTa.1739.2.S1_a_atBE443920--1e-11At4g28050TET7 (TETRASPANIN7)C.G.S.X.
0.082e-652Vitis vinifera1608186_atCB007992hypothetical protein LOC100243286-7e-4At4g30430TET9 (TETRASPANIN9)C.G.S.X.
0.051e-240Zea maysZm.1425.1.S1_atBM380501senescence-associated protein DH-3e-9At2g23810TET8 (TETRASPANIN8)C.G.S.X.
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Biological processes

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ECCGO IDProcess Name
CGO:0007568The inherent decline over time, from the optimal fertility and viability of early maturity, that may precede death and may be preceded by other indications, such as sterility.
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Metabolic pathways

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