Homology analysis

Gene ID At5g51230
Functional description Polycomb group protein with zinc finger domain involved in negative regulation of reproductive development. Forms a complex with FIE, CLF, and MSI1. This complex modulates the expression of target genes including AG, PI and AP3.

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Paralogous genes

HFEvBSGene IDRepr. IDGene NameFunctional DescriptionO.I.C.G.S.X.Other DB
0.087e-1169At4g16845827392VRN2 (REDUCED VERNALIZATION RESPONSE 2)The VERNALIZATION2 (VRN2) gene mediates vernalization and encodes a nuclear-localized zinc finger protein with similarity to Polycomb group (PcG) proteins of plants and animals. In wild-type Arabidopsis, vernalization results in the stable reduction of the levels of the floral repressor FLC. In vrn2 mutants, FLC expression is downregulated normally in response to vernalization, but instead of remaining low, FLC mRNA levels increase when plants are returned to normal temperatures. VRN2 maintains FLC repression after a cold treatment, serving as a mechanism for the cellular memory of vernalization. Required for complete repression of FLC. Required for the methylation of histone H3O.I.C.G.S.X.
0.033e-448At4g16810827387-F:molecular_function unknown;P:biological_process unknown;C:cellular_component unknown;PMOO.I.C.G.S.X.
0.021e-242At2g35670818136FIS2 (FERTILIZATION INDEPENDENT SEED 2)Encodes a negative regulator of seed development in the absence of pollination. In the ovule, the FIS2 transcripts are accumulated at their highest level before fertilization and gradually decrease after fertilization.O.I.C.G.S.X.
0.019e-136At5g64210836542AOX2encodes an isoform of alternative oxidase, which is expressed in rosettes, stems, and roots. Transcript accumulates in dry seeds and decreased upon germination and is not affected by actinomycin A. Protein is localized to mitochondria.O.I.C.G.S.X.
0.019e-136At5g46690834712bHLH071 (beta HLH protein 71)F:transcription factor activity, DNA binding;P:regulation of transcription;C:nucleus;PFOMO.I.C.G.S.X.
0.019e-136At5g01400831597ESP4 (ENHANCED SILENCING PHENOTYPE 4)Encodes a Symplekin/Pta1 homologue which would have the potential to interact with either ESP1 or AtCstF64.O.I.C.G.S.X.

Orthologous genes

HFEvBSGene IDOrganismRepr. IDGene NameFunctional DescriptionEvAGI codeArabidopsis gene nameO.I.C.G.S.X.Other DB
0.154e-22107Gma.17628.1.S1_atGlycine maxCD406527--2e-22At5g51230EMF2 (EMBRYONIC FLOWER 2)O.I.C.G.S.X.
0.103e-859Contig13445_atHordeum vulgareContig13445HvEMF2b protein-2e-8At5g51230EMF2 (EMBRYONIC FLOWER 2)O.I.C.G.S.X.
0.071e-26123Os09g0306800Oryza sativaBX899463-Polycomb group protein VERNALIZATION 2. Spliceisoform 25e+0At2g39518-O.I.C.G.S.X.
0.174e-44180Ptp.2378.1.S1_atPopulus trichocarpaCK092372--1e-44At5g51230EMF2 (EMBRYONIC FLOWER 2)O.I.C.G.S.X.
0.083e-1067Ta.367.1.S1_atTriticum aestivumBQ243123--4e-10At5g51230EMF2 (EMBRYONIC FLOWER 2)O.I.C.G.S.X.
0.013e-1361619377_atVitis viniferaCF372632hypothetical protein LOC100244120-1e-3At3g28940avirulence-responsive protein, putative / avirulence induced gene (AIG) protein, putativeO.I.C.G.S.X.
0.112e-1583Zm.13557.1.A1_atZea maysAY108137.1hypothetical protein LOC100274131-2e-15At5g51230EMF2 (EMBRYONIC FLOWER 2)O.I.C.G.S.X.

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