Co-expression analysis

Gene ID PtpAffx.92754.1.S1_at
Gene name hypothetical protein
Homology with ArabidopsisSimilar to At5g62165: AGL42 (AGAMOUS LIKE 42) (HF=6e-10)
Module size 6 genes
NF 0.54
%ile 85.0

Co-expressed genes

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VF %ile CC Gene ID Repr. ID Gene name Func.EvAGI codeArabidopsis gene name O.I. H.G. S.X. Other DB
0.8397.00.94PtpAffx.92754.1.S1_atCK096310hypothetical protein-6e-10At5g62165AGL42 (AGAMOUS LIKE 42)O.I.H.G.S.X.
0.5582.20.96PtpAffx.62250.1.A1_atCV263927hypothetical protein-9e-40At3g10060immunophilin, putative / FKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase, putativeO.I.H.G.S.X.
0.5078.60.98PtpAffx.205217.1.S1_atpmrna10339hypothetical protein-7e-37At2g21960unknown proteinO.I.H.G.S.X.
0.3661.60.96PtpAffx.24034.1.S1_atCV277765hypothetical protein-5e-25At1g80380phosphoribulokinase/uridine kinase-relatedO.I.H.G.S.X.
0.3661.60.97PtpAffx.94661.1.A1_atCV276840hypothetical protein-3e-8At1g18060unknown proteinO.I.H.G.S.X.
0.3357.50.95PtpAffx.75687.1.A1_atCV261237hypothetical protein-1e-11At1g75170SEC14 cytosolic factor family protein / phosphoglyceride transfer family proteinO.I.H.G.S.X.

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Specific experiments for the module

Std2 GX %ile GSM ID Assay name GSE ID Experiment title Link to GEO
5.997.4GSM327411Populus balsamifera_1006_differentiating_xylem_midday_1GSE13990Populus balsamifera developmental tissue seriesLink to GEO
4.996.5GSM328274Populus x canescens leaf hypoxia_rep_02GSE13109Effect of hypoxia on gene expression in Grey poplarLink to GEO
4.896.4GSM328275Populus x canescens leaf hypoxia_rep_03GSE13109Effect of hypoxia on gene expression in Grey poplarLink to GEO
4.495.9GSM327412Populus balsamifera_1006_differentiating_xylem_midday_2GSE13990Populus balsamifera developmental tissue seriesLink to GEO
3.995.1GSM136936Poplar in 1 x hrp + 0.25 % sucrose no bacteriaGSE5887Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 virulent genes in the poplar rhizosphereLink to GEO
3.995.1GSM328077Populus x canescens leaf control_rep_06GSE13109Effect of hypoxia on gene expression in Grey poplarLink to GEO
3.995.1GSM327661Populus balsamifera_Male_Catkin_midday_3GSE13990Populus balsamifera developmental tissue seriesLink to GEO
3.694.5GSM372096Clone3200_LPI5_N-_4w_rep2GSE14893Comparative transcriptomics analysis of Populus leaves under nitrogen limitation: clone 3200Link to GEO
3.393.7GSM327413Populus balsamifera_1006_differentiating_xylem_midday_3GSE13990Populus balsamifera developmental tissue seriesLink to GEO
2.791.8GSM328059Populus x canescens leaf control_rep_01GSE13109Effect of hypoxia on gene expression in Grey poplarLink to GEO

Inter-species module comparison

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