Co-expression analysis

Gene ID Gma.11120.1.S1_at
Gene name alternative oxidase 2b
Homology with ArabidopsisSimilar to At3g22370: AOX1A (ALTERNATIVE OXIDASE 1A) (HF=3e-6)
Module size 6 genes
NF 0.51
%ile 81.8

Co-expressed genes

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VF %ile CC Gene ID Repr. ID Gene name Func.EvAGI codeArabidopsis gene name O.I. H.G. S.X. Other DB
0.6786.10.97Gma.11120.1.S1_atU87907.1alternative oxidase 2b-3e-6At3g22370AOX1A (ALTERNATIVE OXIDASE 1A)O.I.H.G.S.X.
0.8091.50.97GmaAffx.86361.1.S1_s_atBG508205alternative oxidase 2b-4e-9At3g27620AOX1CO.I.H.G.S.X.
0.6181.80.97GmaAffx.91355.1.S1_s_atCF807080alternative oxidase 2b-7e-5At5g64210AOX2O.I.H.G.S.X.
0.5576.30.97Gma.2143.1.S1_atBE659691--2e-60At1g77810galactosyltransferase family proteinO.I.H.G.S.X.
0.3650.80.97Gma.1824.1.S1_atBI469795--7e-16At5g26030FC1 (ferrochelatase 1)O.I.H.G.S.X.
0.2532.60.97GmaAffx.12058.1.S1_s_atAW597990--9e-54At3g11320organic anion transmembrane transporterO.I.H.G.S.X.

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Specific experiments for the module

Std2 GX %ile GSM ID Assay name GSE ID Experiment title Link to GEO
5.998.5GSM209597susceptible_24hours_rep3GSE8432Expression survey of Rpp1 soybean line PI200492 resistant to P. pachyrhiziLink to GEO
4.097.2GSM209596resistant_24hours_rep3GSE8432Expression survey of Rpp1 soybean line PI200492 resistant to P. pachyrhiziLink to GEO

Inter-species module comparison

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