Co-expression analysis

Gene ID Contig14342_at
Gene name
Homology with ArabidopsisSimilar to At1g07485: unknown protein (HF=5e+0)
Module size 6 genes
NF 0.18
%ile 21.9

Co-expressed genes

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VF %ile CC Gene ID Repr. ID Gene name Func.EvAGI codeArabidopsis gene name O.I. H.G. S.X. Other DB
0.5975.80.86Contig14342_atContig14342--5e+0At1g07485unknown proteinO.I.H.G.S.X.
0.8092.50.86Contig19400_atContig19400--2e+0At1g78480prenyltransferase/squalene oxidase repeat-containing proteinO.I.H.G.S.X.
0.2528.90.88Contig14804_s_atContig14804--2e-11At1g31800CYP97A3 (CYTOCHROME P450-TYPE MONOOXYGENASE 97A3)O.I.H.G.S.X.
0.1210.40.86Contig13202_atContig13202--2e+0At3g02150PTF1 (PLASTID TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR 1)O.I.H.G.S.X. (3'-PHOSPHOINOSITIDE-DEPENDENT PROTEIN KINASE 1)O.I.H.G.S.X. protein-relatedO.I.H.G.S.X.

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Specific experiments for the module

Std2 GX %ile GSM ID Assay name GSE ID Experiment title Link to GEO
5.197.3GSM419976Palea_Rep2GSE16754Comparative transcriptional profiling of organs of the barley spikeLink to GEO
5.197.3GSM440964Control palea_Rep2GSE17669Gene expression in the barley spike during drought stressLink to GEO
4.997.1GSM261041Dicktoo-deacclimation-rep3GSE10329Low temperature stress in cv. DicktooLink to GEO
4.897.0GSM238409Pericarp 4DAF; seed development; Rep 2GSE9365Expression data from barley maturing and germinating grainsLink to GEO
4.796.9GSM16082619% SWC rep3GSE6990Barley drought stressLink to GEO
4.496.6GSM261070Albina f-17 Control rep3GSE10332Transcriptome Analysis of Cold Acclimation in Barley Albina and Xantha Mutants1Link to GEO
3.695.3GSM238408Pericarp 4DAF; seed development; Rep 1GSE9365Expression data from barley maturing and germinating grainsLink to GEO
3.494.8GSM16082319% SWC rep1GSE6990Barley drought stressLink to GEO
3.194.1GSM161221cold treatment rep3GSE6993Barley low temperature stressLink to GEO
2.993.4GSM261021ABA-Control-rep1GSE10328ABA experimentLink to GEO

Inter-species module comparison

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