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Renewed at July 29, 2009; Updated at November 12,2008

Here is a portal site of the KAGIANA tool to retrieve genomic information and co-expressed genes in Arabidopsis.

Renewed using the TAIR9 dataset.

Gene Ontology data have been modified !

Interconnected to CoP Home CoP (upgraded from CoexProcess)

Attention ! The 'Data' sheet has been reconstructed in the renewal. The direct links to public databases in the 'Selected_Link' sheet have been modified.


The password to extract the ZIP files : nedo

For Macintosh users, it is recommended to use a software to uncompress a ZIP file with a password such as StuffIt Expander.

For Excel 2007 or later users, it is recommended to put this tool in a responsible folder to validate the macro programs for the following functions.

Available macro programs (coming soon for Windows users only)

Modifying macro programs

The older versions are here.

Correlation data files

Password for extraction of ZIP files : nedo
These correlation data are provided by Dr. Obayashi, the administrator of the ATTED-II.



Plant co-expression

e-mail: yogata@kazusa.or.jp
Y. Ogata, Kazusa DNA Research Institute